Brandon 4th of July Parade 2013

This  group of VVA Members, families and guests participated in the 4th of July Parade

L to R - Tom Lamont, Gold Star Mother Yolanda (with cut-out of her son who was killed in action),  Mike O'Dell, Connie O'Dell, Tony Towers, Jim "Rambo" LaGarde, WWII Veteran Ed Bernacki, Dan Harden, Glayron Faries (kneeling), Carl Harris, Richard Nye, Carl's friend from Vietnam, Gold Star Mother Kelly Kowall and Judi Faries.   Dave Braun and Nancy Nye were also there, but were not present for the picture.  This photo was taken by Hillsborough Deputy Sheriff.

Tony Towers

Dan Harden and Carl Harris

The M151 and M38A1


Mike O'Dell and Richard Nye decorating the Deuce


Gold Star Mothers Kelly and Yolanda with Mike's 1954 Lincoln.


Carl Harris and his friend.  They served together in Vietnam.


VVA member Rudy Salas (L) who also serves on the AVAST Honor Guard and"Doc" were in front of us in the parade.  They have the only Amputee Honor Guard in the Country.


Dan Harden and Tom Lamont


The AVAST Honor Guard performs in front of the viewing stand.

WWII Honoree Al Bernacki waves to the crown along the route.


Spiderman even came out to watch the parade.


This is what it's all about.  There were lots of kids along the route.


Some of the crowd along Parsons.


Rambo presents the sign to WWII Al Bernacki.


We all went home dry (at least from NO RAIN) - maybe a little sweat.  We had a great time. 



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